Be a Sender with Send56!

There are more people in Africa who have never heard the gospel than there are people who live in America!

Help reach those people in Africa who have never heard the gospel by becoming a Sender for Send56. For $25 a month you can help train, send and assist a native African missionary among unreached people groups.

Send56 establishes missions training schools and prayer centers in strategic locations across Africa. Each missions training school is a 2-year program designed to train African missionaries in biblical studies, church planting and Islamic apologetics all in a culture of unceasing prayer.

African missionaries among unreached people groups are seeing miraculous salvations. Recently a native missionary reported that a Muslim man came to him and begged him to lead him to Christ.  The man heard a voice while he slept that told him the missionary had the salvation he was looking for. Reports such as this one are coming from many missionaries on the field.

The vision of Send56 is to send out 10,000 native missionaries to the nearly 1,000 unreached tribes in Africa.  Be a part of someone hearing the gospel for the first time by sending a missionary! 


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